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Thoughts on Infected Boss Strike Empty Thoughts on Infected Boss Strike

Post by TheVampire100 on Tue Nov 05, 2013 3:38 pm

Okay, here we go again. I was really amazed that we could finish Tier 7 at the end. I used all my units for a last push and spended all my lumber but it was worth this.
This shows how great we can be if we work really hard. We managed to get almost 200k points in 2 hours!
I want to thank all people who made this possible.

This leads me to my next point. We need to be more active on the next boss strike. this one was not hard, is was the easiest boss strike ever. It was the only boss strike where I could easily defeat all waves of enemies. Okay, I lost most of my units but this still is an improvement for me since I never magaed to achieve this before. So, because this boss strike was so easy most people actualle should be able to defeat a lot of waves. Maybe not all but I gues at least 3 of 5 would be possible. I got 5300 points every time I was finished and if all mebers would make it this far we could get 500k points per day. I know not everyone has the strenth to do this, so I would say we would still be able to make 250k points per day. This is still a lot of poitns to make it throgh most tiers, if we really would have get this much points we could easily make it to tier 10.
So, for the next boss strike I would like to see excatly this. I know that after a boss strike you have to heal a lot of units but if you do everyday this 3-5 waves and use the rest of the day to heal your units, you would help the guild a lot. Just once a day attack the boss strike. That sounds not much but like I said abover, if everone does this it will sum up. And this is what a boss strike means, manage your ressources and work together with your guild mates.

Since this boss strike was known long enough we could also make a lot of training and building units before which would make it maybe possible to do the strike twice a day.

So,what should we do until the next boss strike? First is to train your units, especially wimps. We cannot say it often enough how important this is. It is a hard work to do and costs a huge amount of ressources but after you finished this you have a cheap but very strong unit that you can massivly spam in the boss strike. You don't even need to heal it, you can build one in less than 5 minutes again. This makes room in the hospital for the more important units.
Train also your new apex units. They seem weak at the first glance but the apex bullfrog can hit a huge area in one strike. This attack makes it a good unit in any boss strike since boss strike means to deal with a lot of units. Be aware, the apex bullfrog starts low in stats but jumps soon pretty high. This goes actually for every boss strike unit you got so far.
The apex stalker seems more as a support unit that can deal some nice negative effects like stun and Frost. Since he can change its attacks to different types of enemies this could be very usefull in every boss strike.
Train also your tanks. Train heavy tanks and heavier tanks if you don't use nanopods or train super tanks and mega tanks if you use them. Tanks will absorb most of the damage to protect your important damage dealers. It is adviced for them to be on high ranks so they can absorb a lot of damage or maybe survive the whole strike (I heard from some people in the official Bn Forums that a tank on r6 can easily survive all waves).
Another good unit is the light chemical tank. It may have a limited range but if you spam a whole row of them you can easily defeat a lot of units. It's chemical sweap attack targets 3 units in front of it, deals a lot of damage and will also do damage over time. LCTs have one of the highest damage output in the game, also they have on higher ranks a lot of HP which makes them a good combination as damage dealer and tank.
And, what is in every boss strike important, air units. If you have some of these, train them, they are worth it. Planes are hard to hit, are immune to damage over time and deal a lot of damage most of the time. They work also good as anti air unit to destroy enemy air units. High ranked air units will definitly survive every wave in a boss strike as long as you destroy all enemies that can target them.

I hope this will help all guil members to get better until the next strike. We see an increase in strength in every boss strike so I'm sure we will manage to beat even more tiers until the next strike.


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