Boss Strike #15 - Infected Invasion

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Boss Strike #15 - Infected Invasion

Post by TheVampire100 on Thu Oct 30, 2014 4:25 pm

This timewe have an fairly easy BS. Infected combined with more Infected. I rmemeber the Infected Boss Strike from last yera.It marked a great step for our guild, the first BS where we've tier 7 reached. And now look at how much we've grown. Tier 9 is not the least tier we ever reach and even tier 10 is something we manage from time to time 8and I'm sure this time again).

The prizes are, pretty obvious, Apex infected. All Apexes (?) from last year have returned with the new Apex Mauler, an pretty scary bigfoot version of the infected. I don't have to stress this out, but I MUST have it!

I'm crazy for all this zombie stuff and the Apex Mauler looks creepy and awesome as hell.

Infected are easy targets. They have no vehicles whatsoever unlike other gropus and even the animal boss strike had some mammoth tanks in it.
The strongest stuff you could meet are Apex colossi. They are strong armored (for an infantry unit) but you can still easily kill them with fire. That counts for all infected, fire is the Bane of their existance.
Chemical units or fire based units are super effective against the infected.
Also wimp spamming works finde here because the infected are squishy against melee attacks.

Another side note. This Boss Strike brought a plague with it that acts similiar to a poison DoT. it's not that painful that you will losse many of your units but at the brink of death it could just inflict that last blow to a unit that ends it. So if you want to avoid it, use mostly vehicles, your own infected or aircraft. Zombie hunters and huntresses (or however the new unit is called) are also immune to it and they have a huge bonus against infected because, well, it's their purpose to defeat them.

If you have legandary mammoths, use them. The infected have barely any flying units and the ones they have are so squishy that a single log throw is enought to defeat it. Mammoths make the waves so easy that you can tear through infected and score incredibly high. Don't underestimate the challenge waves however. They could still take your legendary animals out. And I don't have to add, they are NOT immune against the Plague.


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Re: Boss Strike #15 - Infected Invasion

Post by Smit68 on Thu Oct 30, 2014 7:49 pm

Great post vamp. I have had good luck with the nomad and chinook. My leg mammoths cut them down but one good hit to them along with the constant damage per round usually does them in right at the end of wave four. I'm thinking of adding wimps up front as pawns to save some hits to my elites.


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