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New Officer Program Empty New Officer Program

Post by Smit68 on Mon Apr 21, 2014 3:57 pm

NBK Officer Protocol – 21 April 2014
I.      There shall be 9 officers to assist the Core Officers .

II.       Five (5) officers shall be selected based solely upon performance during a Boss Strike, each representing a ranking level range.

A.       One officer status shall be award to the top player from each of the following ranges:

           levels 1-29, levels 30-39, levels 40-49, levels 50-64 and level 65

B.      Officer status shall be conferred based on their participation and ranking during the current Boss Strike.  They shall hold that officer rank until the end of the next Boss Strike.  At that time, the officer status shall be removed and shall be awarded to the new set of officers, based upon the new performance.

III.                The additional four (4) officers shall be selected by a simple majority rule of the  Core Leaders.  These 4 officers shall hold the officer status until the end of the third Boss Strike.  At that time, they will be up for review.

A.      These four (4) officers shall be nominated and evaluated based upon the following criteria:

1.       Leadership activity within the Guild
2.       Positive, timely and informative activity on the Guild chat
3.       Contributions to strategies and participation on the Guild website.
4..       Support activity, including, but not limited to assists, placing wimps, helping to remove attackers and invaders, when requested.
5.       Participation activity, including, but not limited to missions, invasions and Boss Strikes.
6.       Guild Bank contributions.  (will come online, in the future)

B.      Additionally, individuals holding one of these 4 positions may be moved up to Core Leadership, if any of the Core Leadership positions needs to be filled, on an interim basis.  When the original Core Leadership individual is ready to resume the position, the interim shall be removed.  If the original Officer position is open, that individual shall resume that position.

IV.     At any time, for any officer designation, removal from officer status shall occur if there is a violation of standard Guild rules, as stated on the Forum, non-participation in a Boss Strike, or any other counter-productive activity towards the Guild.  An interim officer will not be emplaced, unless there is a full majority of Core Leadership voting to fill the position.

V.   An individual may not hold more than one officer designation.  Therefore, individuals that have alts may only have one officer designation.  Core Leaders may not hold Leadership positions and officer positions.  In other words, no Core Leader's alt may hold an officer position.

In addition to officer awards, the Core Leadership shall make awards of a set number of dedicated FVF battles, a set number of first kill wimps or any other reward or award that may be allowed.  These awards shall be based on participation rankings in invasions and in Boss Strikes.

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New Officer Program Empty Re: New Officer Program

Post by ExPlowder on Wed Apr 23, 2014 9:43 am

great idea!!!

THis will certainly encourage performance Very Happy


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New Officer Program Empty Re: New Officer Program

Post by TheVampire100 on Wed Apr 23, 2014 11:14 am

Changed to Announcement so people can see it better.


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New Officer Program Empty Re: New Officer Program

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