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Leaving the guild

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Leaving the guild Empty Leaving the guild

Post by TheVampire100 on Mon Jun 01, 2015 6:34 pm

Actually the title is not accurate, I'm leaving Battle Nations entirely. The reasons are plentyful.
My main issue is: I don't see any omprovements or ongoing developments towards the game.
The current state of the game is terrible. We had a long time with no response of Z2 what is currently being developed. Then suddenly they release a really minor update (death spawns) that has some potential but got horrible executed from Z2. The update introduced a bug that made it impossible to play any battles. You could play it down as a minor issue but that's not the case here. Battles are an essential part of the game (It's even in the name!) and they make about 50-60% of the game. And not even that, this small update was all about battles. How could something slip through that crashes battles when the update is about battles? Are the testers blind? Do they even test this stuff?
That's however only the last drip. The line goes on. Since King purchased the company I see no improvments and no intentions of improvements at all. Since then everything Z2 did was a desaster.
Removal of Steam, arguebaley a right decision but an insult to every Steam player that put time and more important MONEY into it. My iPhone is too old to keep up with Battle Nations and I don't own any Mac or Android system. All I can use now is Bluestacks and Bluestacks lags like hell (and to be honest, this does not seem the problem because of the Emulator. It seems to be the case because Z2 just sucks at making android games).
What else did they do? Sales. A lot of them. Every month we had 2-3 of them while we had before one big sale per month. Z2/King want to shove us all the payment methods in the face. They could also just say straight "Please buy everything, we only want your money, we don't want to make the game bttter however".
Z2 released Raise of Tyrants, a game that was in development some time before King came along but which was suddenly released after King took over. for those who are not familiar with it, it is literally "Battle Nations 2" and was source of a lot flaming wars. It is nor really BN2 it is a prequel to it but it uses similiar systems, units and brings this to a "new level". Instead of improving the old game, scratch it and make a new one.
Also King released a new base building game, something they NEVER did before and suddenly do after some time they bought Z2. Even if I have no proof I'm pretty sure that's were Z2's employees have to work on currently.

I'm just disappointed. Doing the Boss Strike was a painful act for me. The game stopped several times for some minutes, the graphics flashed all the time and everything was too slow. And still doing it reminded me of all te fun BN is, of how much I like to make my own strategies, try different units. I liked to use the water plane in this strike, it was useful and for a free unit pretty strong. The two new units (Hover Tank and Gunship) look pretty cool even if they aren't that durable.
But I won't tolerate this any more. Going on from here would be too tedious, too painful and not entertaining anymore.
I'm here since Boss Strike 3 which means I'm in the guild for 15 months. Thats more than a year, more than most people here (except some core members).
Going away from the guild is a really hard decision but sadly it has to be done.
I wish you all good luck and at least as much fun as you can get for the ongoing Boss Strikes and everything that comes.
If Z2 comes ever to its senses, improves the android version or re-releases the Steam version, I will gladly come back in the guild. I will still keep my eye on the development of Battle Nations but I will not play it anymore.
So long and have fun.

PS: Someone has to kick me fro the guild. I tried to leave it but the game crashes everytime I tried.


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Leaving the guild Empty Re: Leaving the guild

Post by Smit68 on Mon Jun 01, 2015 8:42 pm

You were a key player in building the members of NBK, starting the forum, and working with us to get this guild to a tier 10 guild. I know it's been a wild ride with some ups and downs. I understand where you're coming from and it just seems to be a lot of downs from Z2 lately. Please check in every once in a while to see if there are any changes that make the game functional and fun again.

Your slot with NBK will always be there waiting.

Your friend
Tim (smit68)


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Leaving the guild Empty Re: Leaving the guild

Post by OldLazyBoxer on Tue Jun 02, 2015 2:16 am

Sad to see you go Vamp but I totally understand your frustration. As our glorious leader said you will always have a spot waiting for you here should you ever decide to come back. Good luck wherever life leads you my friend!


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Leaving the guild Empty Re: Leaving the guild

Post by Cybergun on Tue Jun 02, 2015 9:01 am

I understand you perfectly Vamp. I had feel in the same way many times lately, and even I resigned BN a long time ago due to similar reasons.

You were and are a very important element in this guild so we will miss you buddy. just have fun at any game you will play, and don't get lost.. who knows what is the future. I refuse to think that King bought Z2 just to drop BN into the dump.

Un abrazo¬°¬°



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Leaving the guild Empty Re: Leaving the guild

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