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Production management

Post by ERosa on Sat Apr 26, 2014 8:02 pm

Ok I spent the last 48 hrs trying to figure out the best way to manage resources by spending no more than I can make.  Here what I think is the best equation based off having a full storage.

Find out how much resource you make an hour.

Ex. Iron- ?p/hr,
       Stone- ?p/hr,
       Wood- ?p/hr,

Next find out how much you make a day.

Ex. Iron- ?p/hr x 24hrs
do the same for the rest.

Now you want to find out how much tier1 resources your spending to make tier2 resources(concrete, lumber,steel) based of the how much u can make in a day or while playing

*=resource amount
**= spending tier1 to make tier2.
***=resources gained while waiting for tier2 to finish.
xhrs - xxxx= number of hours running to make tier2 nd spending

Ex. Stone-                      20,000*full
                            5hrs  - 1,703** adv concrete 1st run
                              6hrs -1,275** reg concrete 1st run

                                      + 550x5***

                               5hrs  -1,703** 2nd run

                                         +550x1 *** waitin for the 6hr one to finish

                                6hrs -1,275** 2nd run


                                     20,094* full with an extra
                              5hrs -1,703** 3rd run


                               6hrs -1,275**3rd run. so after I run this ill more than likely be sleepin

                                       +550xhours sleepin***

                                      20,416* full with an extra 416 but spend it while playing because if your sleep your bank will fill only at 20,000 *

And I will total about 8268 concrete every 18hrs.

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