Getting ready for the next BS

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Getting ready for the next BS

Post by LadyRhys on Tue Feb 04, 2014 8:23 am

While we have a little down time, this is a good opportunity to upgrade your resources, especially lumber mills and cement plants, as these tend to be the choices for resource donation. That also means possibly upgrading your sawmills and rock quarries, in order to increase production.

By all means, look at upgrading hospitals and VRF, as this cuts down time and materials needed.

For those of you that are at lower levels, do not be too hasty to level up. It is much more difficult to fight a BS and if you have not ranked up your units, and you will suffer, greatly. Take this time to grind your wimps up to R6, as well as any other strong units. Those of us that have them will be placing them on other lands for you to do first kill, or on your land, with permission.

Leveling up can come, as you rank up your units, and access to other units will still be around. And, some of those upper level units are not what they are cracked up to be, so do not waste nanos or gold and resources to get them.

Other things to rank up are the higher level tanks and tank killers. Those are needed for the ancient sentinel and ancient construct missions. And those two missions are recurring on a 7 day cycle. These are the missions that will get you widgets and laurels that you need if you do not have a refinement facility, as well as special fragments that are good in BSs.

Again, do not start leveling up unless you have ranked up first and put into place enough storage and the requisite resource facilities. The levels will come, and most of us at 65 have been at it since the beginning.


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Re: Getting ready for the next BS

Post by iitsthakev on Tue Feb 04, 2014 1:57 pm

Agreed! Ranking wimps, tanks, and tks=priority
Also the chucker has become one of my favorite units because it's so cheap and has high damage.
I think mid-level players should focus on that, and slowly and surely upgrading resources (iron, coal, stone, etc) building multiple steel, concrete, and lumber yards; upgrading hospitals and repair bays as well


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