Trick on how to kill Experiment X17 (Gold ancient construct)

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Trick on how to kill Experiment X17 (Gold ancient construct)

Post by Guest on Tue Jan 07, 2014 5:53 am

At first remember you should have a good blocking unit like Heavier tank/Mega tank which is around rank 5 - 6, Radio tech around rank 4 - 5 and rank 5 - 6 tank killers to do damage. And its a plus point if you rank SC turret so the damage would be bit higher than normal. Its easy to rank.
The formation i used to defeat this is:
First row: Mega tank , Zoey , Mega tank , Mega tank , mega tank
Second row: Tank killer , Mega tank , Tank killer , Tank killer , SC turret
Third row: Radio Tech , Wild boar ( if you don't have this unit u can use 2x Tank killers)

First kill the Gold fragment in front, Then ignore the both fragments on sides and keep hitting the Gold Ancient Construct. And keep in mind to use SC turret and Radio tech once their attack turn is ready, cause they do the damages most and if they does crits its good.


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