Goliath Tank Thread

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Goliath Tank Thread

Post by herajika on Thu Jul 10, 2014 11:30 pm

Today I beat the Goliath Tank for the first time. It was the the harder repeatable version, not the easier mission version.

I found a nice strategy in the Z2 forum that works very well and doesn't need lots of nano or promo units.  

First row: 5 R6 Mega Tanks - (Z2 forum post says R6 Heavier Tanks are working too)
Second and third row: R6 Trebuchets

Use only the Treb's Raptor Harness Shot on the Goliath's main body and ignore the arms. The Trebs have good resistances against the Goliath's attacks and will survive long enough. I lost only 1 Mega and 4 Trebs - pretty cheap healing costs for a boss fight.

Good luck Smile


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