The Garrison Wimp Method on both players view

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The Garrison Wimp Method on both players view

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:27 am

Works when both players are online!

There were many that asked about the Garrison Wimping method, so I thought it would be a nice Tip piece to write about. Garrison wimping is normally used by two members both with r6 wimps. They whack each other’s garrison filled with wimps to help level whatever units they need to rank. After they finish killing each other’s wimps they return the retreating troop back to each other and continue whacking away. A very effective way to trade wimps, especially during 2x sp weekends and boosting.

For our purposes it’s equally effective in helping our members rank their wimps. So I put this step by step instruction on how to effectively use this method.

Step One

- Locate the garrison, circled in blue.
- Tap on the crossed swords, circled in red.

Step Two

- Select Occupy. Do not select raid because raiding will only get you 3 wimps to kill. Occupying will give you 6 wimps to kill. More SP.

Step Three

- Drag the occupying square to the outer perimeter of the garrison, make sure the garrison turns red and tap fight.

Step Four

- You will receive this message, just tap past this message.

Step Five

- Place your aircrafts on the first row and the wimps on the second row. The wimps need to be juiced, without the shooting attack. The wimps on the first row will be harmless. However if you encounter a formation with the trooper on the first row, you would need to take out the troopers first. Make sure the wimps take at least one shot to get credit for attacking and receive half of the SP.

- Also, please use just two unit types, so that the SP is divided in half, giving the wimps more SP. Using three different unit types
will split the SP into thirds.

Step Six

- These next few steps is for the member that’s allowing his garrison to be attacked. You will see the escaping troops. You need to send the escaping troops back to the attacking member in order for him to continue hitting the garrison. So tap on counter attack to engage the enemy.

Step Seven

- There are two ways to return the troops back. I like to place one trooper and tap fight. Then retreat. Or you can do what people refer to “sandbagging” where you place a sandbag and fight, and since its an ignorable unit you will be defeated. Either way, both will effectively return the troops.

So once you retreat you will essentially lose the battle and get this message:

- The troop gets returned, then repeat the steps over and over until you get tired of doing it, run out of wimps, or ready for promotion.

Just remember in order for this wimp trading to work, the troops have to be return by the other member or else you will have to wait two hours for your troops to return. So its important to make sure you first ask the other member if he is willing to use the this method.

Also once you get comfortable with this method, its a good idea to get the mini sp boost to give additional SP.

Ok so that’s all it takes. Happy wimp hunting!

-by: Firepsycho


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Re: The Garrison Wimp Method on both players view

Post by OldLazyBoxer on Tue Oct 15, 2013 11:57 pm

Great job adapse and fantastic details with your pics and descriptions!


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Re: The Garrison Wimp Method on both players view

Post by stansy on Thu Jan 23, 2014 3:22 pm

this is awesome, i just need some aircraft and ill be ranking like crazy


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Re: The Garrison Wimp Method on both players view

Post by ExPlowder on Thu Feb 06, 2014 9:15 am



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Re: The Garrison Wimp Method on both players view

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