Bossting XP on Farms, Building, Shops with decorations

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Bossting XP on Farms, Building, Shops with decorations

Post by Guest on Tue Oct 15, 2013 6:19 am

For buildings, I clustered them around the raider’s victory tree and Morgan statue. Then surround the buildings with moats and electric fence. On the second groups of buildings I cluster them around the Struggle Statue and the Useless Tank. The second cluster doesn’t give as many XP as the first cluster. I also surround the complex with flowers and rustic fountains.

For farms, ranches, shops, etc you can use:
Cargo crate: 3% XP
Farm silo: 10% XP
Feed silo: 5% XP
Earthen reservoir: 10% XP
Water tower: 15% XP
Paved road: 6% XP
Shattered monument: 20% XP
Razor-wire/Electric fence: 3% XP
Moat: 4% XP
Raiders victory tree: 14% XP

** For example you can view my char "adapse" land, i have done the most efficient way possible using free deco items. (without nano, silver star deco)

-By firephsyco


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